Privacy Policy for Scribblify (Free iOS Edition)

The full privacy policy of Scribblify Free ("Lite") for iOS is included below, following a high level rundown.

Use of Internet Connection (Advertising and Analytics)

Scribblify Free for iOS does not require an Internet connection to operate. If an Internet connection is available, the application (including current and/or future versions) may use the connection to periodically transmit anonymous usage patterns in order to improve subsequent versions. Currently (as of version 4.x) this application does not directly collect or use any personally identifying information.

However, the free version does feature banner advertisements from third party companies including Admob, Apple iAd and Flurry, which may collect additional data as outlined in their respective privacy policies. In addition, Scribblify uses Flurry Analytics to anonymously guage user interaction with the software in order to make subsequent improvements to the software. A small amount of anonymous use data may likewise be transferred to linkedPIXEL LLC's servers to log total active sessions and to better serve advertising materials based on the user's overall device platform (iPad or iPhone).

Use of Social Networks

As a user convenience, Scribblify includes the optional ability to share artwork from within the app to the following third party social network platforms:

  • Email
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • Flickr
  • Dropbox
  • Messages (SMS)

All of the social sharing capabilities are handled through the respective third party apps and frameworks, separate from linkedPIXEL LLC and the core Scribblify application. Any login credential provided are passed directly through to the third party frameworks and stored only on the local device in a generally inaccessible area. None of the social sharing information is read by nor transmitted to linkedPIXEL LLC.

Users must explicitly select the desired share option and input their login credentials before any media created with Scribblify will be transmitted externally, and the sharing options must be triggered manually every time the user wishes to make a share. If no social sharing features are activated by the user, no user-generated content will be transmitted outside of the user's local device.

Use of Photo Library

Along with the optional social sharing capabilities, Scribblify requires access to the device's local Photo Libary for saving artwork and for importing external images. The user must explicitly allow Scribblify to access the photo library the first time it is attempted, if the user declines than the artwork cannot be saved locally and external images cannot be imported.

Third Party Use of Created Media

All artwork created in Scribblify is owned by the artist; linkedPIXEL LLC claims no rights over any user-generated artwork from the app. If the user opts to share the artwork on social networks, the privacy policy and terms of use for those particular services will take affect. From time-to-time, linkedPIXEL LLC may solicit permission to use particular artwork in promotional materials if it has been posted publically to social network sites and marked with the Scribblify keyword.

Contact Information

If you have any question about this application, please send an email to


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